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Your mental health influences your success in all areas of life, but it has an especially powerful influence in determining your professional and athletic success. Individuals can’t reach their peak performance when stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health problems interfere with their mental focus and physical health. Dr. Payam Kharazi and the team of clinicians at Psychology Beverly Hills have extensive experience in sports and performance psychology, with a specialization in helping athletes and professionals of all kinds reach their full potential. Call the office in Beverly Hills, California, to schedule a free phone conversation or an appointment, or book online today.

Sports and Performance Psychology Q & A

What is sports and performance psychology?

Sports and performance psychology is a specialized field that focuses on the psychological variables that affect athletic and professional performance. These clinicians use psychological therapies and techniques to improve their patient’s mental health and achieve their optimum performance.

The team at Psychology Beverly Hills uses their knowledge and experience to improve the mental health of all athletes and business professionals of all varieties.

What issues improve with sports and performance psychology?

Athletes strive to achieve a hyper-focused mental state that immerses them in the game and allows them to perform at their peak ability. This state demands sharp mental focus, the ability to visualize the game, and intense concentration. You may also want to sharpen your focus so you can improve your performance at work or school. 

Unfortunately, many issues interfere with your mental state and affect your performance. Problems in a previous game or from a previous project may instill a fear of repeating the same mistake. Lack of readiness and mental blocks inhibit your performance.

In some cases, extraneous events can cause psychological distress that affects your performance. For example, breaking up with your partner or having a sick family or team member can divert your focus. 

All of these anxieties stop you from performing at your best. You can overcome these and many more performance-related psychological issues with therapy.

What types of therapy can improve performance?

Psychology Beverly Hills takes an integrative approach, drawing from their experience in a wide range of therapies to create a plan that deals with the problems faced by each person. Here are two examples:

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

When applied to enhance your performance, the team uses CBT to improve imagery skills, goal setting, concentration, and attention. CBT also works well if you need to improve confidence or manage emotions that disrupt your focus.

Mentalization-based therapy (MBT)

MBT focuses on learning to identify, evaluate, and regulate your mental state. In that regard, it offers the exact tool many athletes need to overcome mental blocks. This type of therapy may also sharpen your ability to perceive the emotions and intentions of your competition, giving you the edge when deciding on strategic moves.

Anyone who would like to learn more about how to sharpen their focus and do better in work or athletics can benefit from sports and performance psychology. To learn more, call Psychology Beverly Hills or book an appointment online today.