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Welcome to Psychology Beverly Hills, a mental health practice located in Beverly Hills, California, providing in-person and online video therapy to the greater Los Angeles community. 

At Psychology Beverly Hills, Dr. Payam Kharazi and the team believe that mental health and well-being are integral and essential parts of living a fulfilling, satisfying and healthy life. Our philosophy is that quality mental health care does not attempt to inherently change who you are but unlocks your true potential, allowing you to more freely be the unique person you are. As such, our passion and expertise are in helping you reach your full potential by accompanying you on a journey of self-exploration. 

Our services are designed to help you gain a stronger sense of self, enhance your emotional life, and develop more intimate and gratifying relationships to successfully pursue your life goals with new perspective and practical tools. 

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care by using evidence-based practices that are up to date with the latest psychology research and treatment models. Our approach is personalized and collaborative. We take pride in being compassionate, genuine, caring, honest, and direct with every client. 

Psychology Beverly Hills welcomes clients from all walks of life. We look forward to meeting and speaking with you. To request a phone consultation or appointment, please call the office or use the convenient online booking feature today.

We’re here to help you gain a stronger sense of self, enhance your emotional life, develop more intimate and gratifying relationships and pursue your life goals.

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