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Some people feel uncomfortable when they first join group therapy, but this type of therapy provides incomparable support and advice from people who share similar experiences. Dr. Payam Kharazi and the team of caring clinicians at Psychology Beverly Hills offer group therapy to help you work toward your goals and move forward with confidence. To learn about group therapy and upcoming workshops, call the office in Beverly Hills, California, or use online booking to schedule a free phone consultation or appointment.

Groups and Workshops Q & A

What is group therapy?

Group therapy involves three or more people who share a specific mental health problem. As people in the group share their experiences, feelings, challenges, and successes, you gain insight and tips from people who understand what you’re going through.

When might I need group therapy?

Your therapist may recommend group therapy alone or combined with individual therapy, depending on your needs. Group therapy can target many topics, including relationships, communications skills, grief and loss, and every type of psychiatric disorder.

What happens during group therapy?

Your group therapy sessions are always structured and led by one or more trained therapists. Groups typically follow a specific type of therapy, such as:

Cognitive behavioral groups

This approach focuses on identifying and changing distorted thinking patterns and the behaviors and feelings associated with those thoughts.

Mentalization-based therapy groups

When using mentalization-based therapy, members of the group improve their ability to identify and manage their emotions along with developing reflective thinking skills and stronger communication skills.

Interpersonal groups

You may benefit from an interpersonal approach if you need to explore your relationships and social interactions, and their effect on your mental health.

Skills development groups

This type of group may teach social skills, anger management, or conflict resolution, to name three of the most common topics.

Psychoeducational groups

A psychoeducational group teaches you about your disorder, what causes it, how it’s treated, and ways to cope with symptoms and their impact on your life.

Support groups

Support groups can cover a wide range of topics. However, they’re primarily designed to provide support, encouragement, and advice.

What types of workshops are available?

The team at Psychology Beverly Hills offers workshops based on the needs of their patients and the community. Workshops are short, educational courses on specific topics or particular skills.

These are only a few examples of workshop topics the team could offer:

  • Stress management
  • Academic/professional success
  • Procrastination
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Talking with your teen or parent
  • Lifestyle approaches for mental health conditions

To learn if group therapy can help you, call Psychology Beverly Hills or book an appointment online today. If you have questions, you can also request a free phone consultation.